Two Days

by Michelle 14. October 2010 15:02
Monday 6 a.m.
Badgered Tucker out of bed.  Made coffee and waffles.  Processed Memoir of Me Gift Certificate Orders.  Emptied the mud room of every shoe, jacket, and sport paraphernalia.  Washed the walls and floors.  Walked into the laundry room to do a load.  Looked in the freezer.  Walked upstairs with a frozen chicken.  Forgot the laundry.  Saw fuzzied noodles in our backed-up sink.  Called Walter -- a plumber from Craigslist -- to fix our garbage disposal. 

11:30 a.m.
Ate a peanut butter bagel.  Put on my shorts to go for a run.  Jumped over a gartner snake and sprinted 5 miles home. Remembered I used to pick those suckers up and get an orange, stinky secretion all over my hands.  While in the shower, thought maybe I should go back and see if he secreted orange stuff.  Decided not to.  

3 p.m.
Made two Memoir of Me calls.  Walked to bus stop to get Alyssa.  Got asked an inappropriate question by a teenage boy.  Heard his female friend say, "She's a mom!" Heard the boy say, "She doesn't look like it."  Decided not to answer the question and skipped up the rest of the street.  

4:30 p.m.
Picked Tucker up in my Memoir of Me mobile.  Got super irritated when he scolded me that he doesn't like it when I pick him up in a car with kid characters all over it.  Bare-footed out to the garden to pick tomatoes.  Squished a a rotten one between my toes. Gagged a little.  Cooked pasta to go with my roasted chicken.  Opened a bottle of wine.

6 p.m.
Saw Eric walk in with a new iMac computer.  Marveled at the sleek beauty of it.  Ate chicken dinner together.  Made a comment that was misconstrued by Eric.  Had a spat.  Watched Dancing with the Stars.  Showed Alyssa how I can do the very same dance moves.  Saw the skepticism in her face.  Helped Tucker with his Spanish.  Made up with Eric.

Tuesday 6 a.m.  
Got up and did the same thing as yesterday except raisin bran.  Processed orders for 9 Memoir of Me books. Made Alyss breakfast in bed.  Got super mad when she yelled at me to come and get her tray.  Ran eight miles.  Did not see the snake.

11:30 a.m.
Met my BFF for lunch in downtown Minneapolis.  Ate a tuna melt.  Saw a bunch of cute guys who don't work in my closet.  Thought about renting an office downtown.  

3 p.m.
Called 3 friends.  Wrote two letters.  Made a 66 item to-do list.  Decided to get a big blue exercise ball to sit on, to to replace my black office chair, in front of my Memoir of Me iMac.  Wanted to go buy the ball right then.  Instead, went home to let Walter in to fix the garbage disposal.  

6 p.m.  
Went to family reading night with Alyssa.  Looked at other parents and wondered if they wanted to be there?  Ate a piece of cake.  Chatted with the librarian.  Gave Alyssa a bath.  Noticed Tucker on Facebook.  Took the laptop away.  Told him to do his homework.  Saw the youtube video of "United Breaks Guitars" with Eric. Thought about making my own song.  Wondered if anyone would like it?  
What about you?

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Passionate and dedicated to enhancing relationships through stories.  Loves early mornings and late nights.  Doesn't love afternoons.  Adores my hubby and two beautiful kids.


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