First 3 of 99 Memoir of Me Books in 33 days!

by Michelle 11. January 2010 12:30

I nominated the first three kids for 99 books in 33 days.  Yay!  Memoir of Me lives for cute kids stories told from the ones who love them most.  I have an uncanny memory for cute stories shared by parents.  The three books went to three of my high school friends that I've reconnected with through Facebook. 


One of the first books of the 99 goes to Griffin.  Griffin is the cutest little fun guy on the PNW coast!  He can multiply at age three!  This is amazing.  He also remembers the 12 days of Christmas song because of the gift he has with numbers.  He will definitely use his cute words and say thoughtful phrases when his brother and sister, who he loves a ton, needs a boost.  Mom is a writer who will have fun sharing her memories on Griffin's Binky in a Memoir of Me book.


The second book goes to Grace, who told her dad that she knows what they both don’t like -- “Walmart and the Green Bay Packers.”  Grace is a super candid and bright little girl and is her dad's most favorite side kick.  Grace loves rock music and sitting on her Dad's Harley Davidson.  The Memoir of Me book "Dear Grace, Love Dad" will be a special shared keepsake for some of dad and daughter memories. 


And the third book goes to Maddie who, in a sweet persuasive attempt to get her mom in the swimming pool, said, “Mom, you’ll feel like a feather floating in the water.”  Maddie is a dancer and also definitely has her own sense of style.  She's spunky and keeps her family laughing.  Mom and daughter will have fun sharing their Memoir of Me story together before bedtime.


So these are the first three Memoir of Me book recipients for our Gift-Giving Frenzy of 99 books in 33 days!  Love, Michelle


ps Excited to connect with 96 more kids and create Memoir of Me keepsake books!

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Passionate and dedicated to enhancing relationships through stories.  Loves early mornings and late nights.  Doesn't love afternoons.  Adores my hubby and two beautiful kids.


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