Gift Giving Frenzy 99 in 33 to MckMama community

by Michelle 29. January 2010 14:41

Today’s 99 books in 33 days goes to two more from the @MckMama community.  I so appreciate all of your support in sharing your stories with Memoir of Me.  Jeannine says, “I wanted to nominate my daughter Maddie. She is 9 months and received a life saving bone marrow transplant at 4 months old. Thank you.”  You bet, yay!  Maddie!  You are amazing!


The next nomination is from Josanna.  She says, “Although he is still quite young, he loves to cuddle and hear stories.  Currently, my husband is finishing his degree, so I am working full-time outside the home.  My job requires me to travel about 75% of the time.  This is what needs to happen for our family right now, but it is still hard.  It is hard for my husband because he knows how much I want to be home full time, and it is hard for me because I miss my family.  I’d love to have a book that tells the story of all the fun times we have together.  I love the personalized letters that you put at the end of each book.  What a special book for a child to have and definitely cherish! Plus, it is so hard to find books in the US that refer to the mom as Mum, so a personalized book would be fabulous.  If I won, here is my letter that I would love to have in the book.”

Dear Augustus,

You rocked my world the day you were born.  For the first 3 weeks, you lived in the NICU... You were so content to be held and rocked.  All of the nurses and doctors loved hanging out with you - “the picky eater” of the NICU.   We were with you as much as possible, constantly encouraging you to grow strong, sleep lots and learn to eat - we wanted you home as soon as possible!  Once you came home - the partying began! You and I had a wonderful summer traveling all over. You loved to sleep in the middle of hot, loud swim meets.  You loved watching the kids swim fast and you loved the loud noises.  It was so much fun to look down at you in the sling and see your happy, sweet face smiling back at me!  We went swimming in the lake, and tubing in the river.  You are a natural fish!  When your daddy was off work, he came to play with us as well.  In the fall, I had to go back to work. Sometimes, you and your daddy fly out to see me.  You are such a good flier!  On your first flight, the flight attendants gave you an award for being so good!  You didn’t even make a sound.  Which made your Daddy really happy, since you two were traveling alone!


Sometimes, when I am away for work, you go to Camp Mimi or Camp Jinon.  You are such a good sport!  I wish I could be with you all of the time, but my work has me travel a lot.  When I am away, your Daddy reminds you how much your Mummy loves you. Knowing you are at home waiting for me, helps my week go by so quickly.  You are the light of my every day!  I am so grateful that God placed you in my life! 


I love you past Pluto and back...



Thank you Josanna.  Daddy can read your special book "Dear Augustus, Love, Mummy" while your away and share all your special memories.  Love, Michelle

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Passionate and dedicated to enhancing relationships through stories.  Loves early mornings and late nights.  Doesn't love afternoons.  Adores my hubby and two beautiful kids.


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