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Pleasure is basic a human need.  Pleasure is a need with which humans play games.   Games called deny and hedonize.  We deny ourselves of our basic need of pleasures in beauty and desire and love and intellect and sustenance.  At other times, we hedonize these same pleasures. 

Pleasure list -- 8 things to do before winter.  

1. Ride a bike without a helmet.  If you are girl, ride in a skirt.

2. Hold someone's hand and read their palm with a story from your gut.

3. Stare directly at the sun at sunset until it's vibrance makes you squint.

4.  Breathe, deep.  Inhale through your nose and imagine the soft air satiating your innards.

5. Write a personal story capturing the warm earth smells and save it for a winter day.

6. Spread your barenaked toes flat in the green, just cut, grass.  Then sprint, super fast.

7. Feel the word pleasure on your tongue as you say "pleasure" over and over. 

8. Do the first thing pleasurable that comes to mind.

I am not a gardener.  Tending to plants is not a natural gift for me .  Therefore, the beauty of my pots pleasures me in the front of my house.  One of my best summer pleasures is about 5 p.m., I put on a sundress and water my pots.  I pleasure in the heat of the sun on my back.  I pleasure in the sounds of fluttering insect wings and Alyssa's feet tramping over earth to get to me.  I pleasure in any new pale-purple, funnel-shaped buds proliferating in my pots. What about you?

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Passionate and dedicated to enhancing relationships through stories.  Loves early mornings and late nights.  Doesn't love afternoons.  Adores my hubby and two beautiful kids.


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