Last of 99 Memoir of Me books in 33 days. Gift-Giving Frenzy!

by Michelle 8. February 2010 15:22

It’s been 33 days.  3 books a day.  For a total of 99.

As 99 in 33 comes to close, I reflect on the kids and parents and aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas.  The stories of triumph overcoming tragedy.  I think of Abby, who has battled cancer since age three, and Ian who’s birth mom did just die of an overdose, and Ceriah who struggles with diabetes and Hayley who lost her mom to cancer and the triplets Nicholas, Delaney and Alannah.  I think of the stories of quiet moments made meaningful with funny thoughts.  I think of Griffin who at age three does Sudoku and Ben in the bathtub and Charley and Josh and Seth.  And Grace who sings rock songs.  And Will who hacks into his dad’s iphone.  These stories -- like little seeds nestled in the fertile part of my heart.  These stories -- growing into the landscape of my story, too.

The last stories I’m sharing, Dads and Daughters!  The first is Matt and Maddy and Liz’s story.  Matt and Liz moved from Minnesota to Los Angeles.  Liz was pregnant and gave birth to Maddy.  Complication during birth took Liz from Matt and Maddy.   Matt has been raising and blogging about his experiences as a single dad here.  So when Matt came back with Maddy to visit everyone in Minnesota, we captured Maddy’s first sledding experience in a Memoir of Me book.  Thank you, Matt, Maddy and Liz!

The last goes to a little sweetie and her dad in St. Louis Park.  Skylar!  Below is a picture of her in pj’s, swim cap and goggles.  Skylar’s dad, Jared, just competed in the world Cycle cross Championships in Belgium January of 2010.   Looks like looks like Skylar maybe wanted to swim across the Atlantic to follow in Dad’s active footsteps.   An ordinary day for Skylar makes an extraordinary day for her Mom and Dad!  Excited to share Skylar’s memories in a Memoir of Me book! 

Day 30 of 99 Memoir of Me books in 33 days

by Michelle 3. February 2010 17:26

The first book for 99 in33 goes to Kelly from 29 gifts!  Kelly says, “I saw your post on 29 gifts and since I have three children I knew there had to be a story that stuck out. I was thinking throughout the day of which story I could post, and one happened to present itself at exactly when my daughter came home from school. She came in the door and ran straight upstairs and grabbed her allowance that she has been saving. I asked her what she wanted to buy, and she replied "it's for the people in Haiti".  Her school is collecting brand new sanitary items to make into packages and send to Haiti. I asked Kara how much she wanted to use of her allowance, and she said, "all of it". Her class was collecting wash cloths and her brother's class was collecting towels. Kara even bought a towel for Chris to bring into school. I have never been more proud of my little six year old than I was today.  What a special girl you are raising, Kelly!


The next one goes to Kerrymy BFF, who nominated her friend Janelle’s daughter Anna!  Kerry says, “Anna is VERY energetic, athletic, sweet. Reminds me a bit of Ava at that age. Lots of dimples and super long eyelashes. She's a little peanut but starting to catch up to her peers in size. She loves her family, cousin's especially, and all things/toys girly. Pink, red and blue are her favorite colors. Her birthday is January 23rd when she will turn 5. She goes to Fraser to school and takes swim lessons at Foss. She almost lost a front tooth last year due to a fall off the bed...5 stitches, but all is ok now.  Anna sounds adorable and we will be so pleased to share your memories in a Memoir of Me book.

The last three of day 30 in 33 days goes to Michelle and Tyler’s son Josh.  Tyler writes “Josh is a great 3 year old boy who will be turning 4 in April. He is very smart and always looking for the reason something happens, or the name of that person. This past Christmas we went to see Santa at the 8th floor in Macys and we made quite a big deal out of it. We arrived in downtown Minneapolis and he had fallen asleep on the car ride there. As we pulled into the parking ramp and started to get out of the car, we woke him up, and as he was realizing that we were going to see Santa, he asked “Mom, are we at the North Pole?” We both looked at each other and laughed, thinking “how cute is that.” We told him that we were not at the North Pole, but Santa had come from there to visit us and ask him what he wanted for Christmas.  Can’t wait to share your special memories, Josh!

Josh and Santa!


99 Memoir of Me books in 33 days -- Last week!

by Michelle 1. February 2010 18:10

Three more for 99 Memoir of Me in 33 days!  Michelle nominated her children and here is her story. “I LOVE the books that you create and think that they are an amazingly special keepsake for anyone!  I also think that what you are doing for the 99 in 33 is so neat.    I also wanted to share with you the story of my special little one.  I am married and the mother to 3 precious children.  My middle son, who would have been 3 this month, went to Heaven to be with Jesus in June of 2008 due to an accidental drowning.  Life has not been the same, and our family will never be complete again since we lost him.  Brayden was special in so many ways.  He touched the lives of many in his short little 17 months he shared with us and is missed terribly.  I would love to have a book in his memory to share with his older brother, who was 3 at the time of the accident, and his younger sister, who never has the chance to meet her big brother.  We try very hard to keep his memory alive and know that he will live on in our hearts forever.  There are so many things I wish I could say to him and this book/letter may be one way for us to express some of that. I would love to have one of these special books for my other children as well one day and will keep your site book marked for possible future gifts!  Thank you again for your heart of generosity!  We are very excited for you to get your Memoir of Me books and keep Brayden's story alive.


The next book goes to Colby.  Erin says, “I'd like to nominate my son Colby. He was two when he had a stroke from e.Coli poisoning. He is such a fighter and a trooper. He inspires me daily. He was healthy before the stroke but because of it he has lost all of his motor skills. He's basically a fully mentally functioning four year old trapped in a body that won’t cooperate. He's nonverbal and has a feeding tube but he is such an expressive boy with just his eyes. If you'd like to read more about Colby this is his two year survivor story blog post.  Thanks for listening to Colby's story.”  Erin, thank you.

This is the last week of 99 in 33.  I've connected with so many people and so many touching stories.  Love, Michelle

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First 3 of 99 Memoir of Me Books in 33 days!

by Michelle 11. January 2010 12:30

I nominated the first three kids for 99 books in 33 days.  Yay!  Memoir of Me lives for cute kids stories told from the ones who love them most.  I have an uncanny memory for cute stories shared by parents.  The three books went to three of my high school friends that I've reconnected with through Facebook. 


One of the first books of the 99 goes to Griffin.  Griffin is the cutest little fun guy on the PNW coast!  He can multiply at age three!  This is amazing.  He also remembers the 12 days of Christmas song because of the gift he has with numbers.  He will definitely use his cute words and say thoughtful phrases when his brother and sister, who he loves a ton, needs a boost.  Mom is a writer who will have fun sharing her memories on Griffin's Binky in a Memoir of Me book.


The second book goes to Grace, who told her dad that she knows what they both don’t like -- “Walmart and the Green Bay Packers.”  Grace is a super candid and bright little girl and is her dad's most favorite side kick.  Grace loves rock music and sitting on her Dad's Harley Davidson.  The Memoir of Me book "Dear Grace, Love Dad" will be a special shared keepsake for some of dad and daughter memories. 


And the third book goes to Maddie who, in a sweet persuasive attempt to get her mom in the swimming pool, said, “Mom, you’ll feel like a feather floating in the water.”  Maddie is a dancer and also definitely has her own sense of style.  She's spunky and keeps her family laughing.  Mom and daughter will have fun sharing their Memoir of Me story together before bedtime.


So these are the first three Memoir of Me book recipients for our Gift-Giving Frenzy of 99 books in 33 days!  Love, Michelle


ps Excited to connect with 96 more kids and create Memoir of Me keepsake books!

Twin Cities Live Interview with John, Rebecca and Michelle

by Michelle 6. January 2010 12:00

See how easily you can wipe puke off my book!


Michelle LeBow and the Three Handbags

by Michelle 12. November 2009 18:15

One purse was too small.  One was too slouchy.  One was just right!   UrbanJunket holds a Memoir of Me book and a Go-Girl perfectly organized!



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