Is my personalized life story a best-selling novel?

by Administrator 25. January 2012 15:23

I like to evaluate my life as if it is a best selling novel.  When I look at my life from a third person perspective -- I can peer as an outsider into my story. From the outside view point of my novel (my life,) I have unique insight to evaluate my story elements. What elements do I add to make my life the most wildly meaningful and interesting story for me?

First, I look at the main character. Myself. What is it about me as the main character that makes my story a best seller? Am I vulnerable and do I share my vulnerabilities openly? Am I willing to expose my idiosyncrasies? Am I willing to fail and share those failures? Am I evolving intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, physically? Am I all things I admire in other best-selling novel's main characters? If not, what do I need to learn to develop new qualities in myself?

Second, I look at the other characters in my novel. My family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances. Are they enhancing my quality of life? Do they add wonder and curiosity? What are they teaching me? Do they provide a safe harbor? Do they fill my color palette with beautiful hues and shades? Who else do I need to add to my cast of characters of my life story? Who else can help me develop into the most amazing main character in my life?

Third, I look at the plot of my novel. Is there enough tension/conflict to make the plot interesting? What about the pacing of story plot -- too fast or too slow? What new twists and turns does my plot need? What new experiences do I -- as the main character in my best selling novel -- want to have before the last chapter of my life?

If you looked at your life as a novel, would you think it was the very best story for you?

The Six Word Mini Memoir

by Michelle 19. January 2012 15:54

Oprah's magazine this month featured the Six Word Mini Memoir originally started by Larry Smith of SMITH Mini Memoir Project five years ago. What's really great is that Memoir of Me personalized books are like a mini memoir with your child!  Now is the perfect time to create a keepsake memory book just for you and your special child.  Love, Michelle

Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! Digital Dr. Seuss Application by Oceanhouse Media

by Michelle 11. November 2011 06:41

Love Love this Story Application by Oceanhouse Media.  Educational and imaginative and brings interactivity to reading and fun.  A must-have for any children's digital story library!  See Digital Storytime Review by clicking here.


Tacky Goes to Camp -- Review and Win Promo Codes by Michelle LeBow

by Michelle 2. November 2011 14:40

Children have adored Helen Lester’s unique and affable penguin Tacky character for more than two decades since the first of the series was published.   Including Tacky Goes to Camp, Oceanhouse Media has now redesigned five titles of Tacky the Penguin series for the iPad and iPhone.

What readers will like best about Tacky Goes to Camp, and what I would classify as a standard to most Oceanhouse Media apps, including the Bippolo Seed  and A Wocket in My Pocket, is the elegance of each illustration, text, and sound.  The simple OM books style maintains both the integrity of the story and the fundamentals of reading for both young and older readers.  Another must-have for any children’s digital library.  Click the pic below to read the entire review or on

Auryn Makes Van Gogh’s Sunflowers Golden On iPad – Win Promo Code

by Michelle 27. October 2011 13:55

If you are an app aficionodo, you won't want to miss the review of the interactive digital storybook by Auryn Apps of Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers On iPad on

Click the pic below to see the entire review.

My Little Pony Storybook Digital App Review on Apptudes

by Administrator 24. October 2011 16:35

Here is my first storybook app review on -- My Little Pony by Ruckus Media Group.  It's not easy reviewing and giving my truthful opinion regarding a story app developer's hard work!  I believe Ruckus Media Group did a nice job and I gave them 3.5 stars! Click the pick below to see my full review here:

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