Owner: Michelle LeBow

Originally featured in Open for Business on: June 7, 2009

What does your business do? Memoir of Me creates personalized story books that make the child and adult the main characters, using a personal letter to feature the relationship. We believe stories enhance relationships and personalized products provide stories that serve this purpose.

How's business? My biggest business challenge has been finding the right distribution channel and breaking into those channels. My products are "one-off," which makes it difficult to offer in a traditional retail environment.

What have been the biggest changes? We are expanding the Memoir of Me product line. In the next month, we will launch such personalized kids' products as journals, lunchboxes and puzzles.

Do you have any advice for others launching a business? One of the things I have done to reach out to people in the space I want to break into is I bring my homemade peach jelly. My jelly is as unique, one-of-kind, and sweet as Memoir of Me personalized books. I use this strategy to connect and reach out to people who otherwise would be inaccessible. My advice is find that resource that makes the connections into the space you want to dominate.